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Epistles of Paul – Paul’s Writing Style

Paul’s Writing Style (James MacKnight, MacKnight on the Epistles, pp.26-27)

1.         “In the first place, a concise unadorned style in preaching and writing, though accompanied with some obscurity, was, in the apostle’s situation, preferable to the clear and elegant manner of writing practiced by the Grecian orators… (1 Corinthians 1:17; 2:4).”

2.         “In the second place, the obscure manner of writing used by the apostle Paul, though the natural effect of his own comprehensive genius, may have been designed for the very purpose of rendering some of his passages difficult, that, by the pains necessary to the right understanding of them, their meaning, when found, might enter the deeper into his reader’s mind….  The obscurity of Scriptures may likewise have been intended to make the exercise of honesty, impartiality, and care, necessary in studying the revelations of God.”

3.         “In the third place, the concise manner in which the apostle hath written his epistles may have been designed to render them short, that they might be transcribed and purchased at a small expense, and by that means of more general use.”

4.         “In the fourth place…the most important passages of his writings have the form of aphorism, it is perhaps, no real disadvantage, because on that very account, these passages may be the more easily committed to memory, even by person who have not learned to read.”

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