Biblical truth standing on its spiritual head to get our eternal attention.

Perryism – To be a soul mate, be a “sole” mate.

| July 18, 2014

Perryism – A one-night stand is a one flesh fall against a life-time stand.

| June 10, 2014

Ezra 10 – Marriage is a Three-fold Covenantal Contract

| September 24, 2012

Marriage is a threefold covenantal contract: personal, spiritual, and social. It is never just about me, it is about others. If I take the other spouse or children out of the equation, marriage fails and they suffer. If I take God out, I fail and everyone suffers. If I forget it is a social contract, […]

Genesis 1:28 – Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex

| May 17, 2011

Do you want to hear something shocking? Every one of us was made by God to have sex. All of us are sexual beings, and that’s not a bad thing. In fact it is not only a good thing, it is a “very good” thing (Gen.1.31). Now you might not consider that shocking, but Christian […]

Proverbs 5-7 – How To Prevent Adultery (Outline)

| December 1, 2010

I.  REALIZE IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU (Proverbs 5-7; 1 Corinthians 10:12) II. RELATIONSHIP – COMMUNICATION (Proverbs 5:1; 6:20; 7:1) III. RELY ON DIVINE WISDOM (Proverbs 1-4; Song of Solomon) Here are some false ideas about sex: Sex is dirty; Only men are interested in sex; Sex is only for procreation; If you are spiritually […]

Proverbs 5 – Six Earthly Consequences to Adultery

| September 27, 2010

Death (5:5) – Proverbs 5:5 HCSB  Her feet go down to death; her steps head straight for Sheol. Honor or Vitality (5:9) – Proverbs 5:9 HCSB  Otherwise, you will give up your vitality to others and your years to someone cruel; Financial Loss (5:10) – Proverbs 5:10 HCSB  strangers will drain your resources, and your […]

2 Samuel 11 – In Defense of Bathsheba

| November 22, 2009

2 Samuel 11:2 – Now when evening came David arose from his bed and walked around on the roof of the king’s house, and from the roof he saw a woman bathing; and the woman was very beautiful in appearance.        The common interpretation has Bathsheba lacking in modesty because she was bathing in the open, […]

Matthew 19:9 – Not New Law

| October 31, 2009

Were Jesus’ statements concerning marriage, divorce and remarriage in Matthew 5; Matthew 19; Mark 10 and Luke 16 new law for the New Testament age or a clarification of the Old Testament teachings?  That was a question recently asked, and I cannot answer it…because neither choice would be a correct answer.  What Jesus taught about […]

Job 31:1,9-12 – Flirting While Married

| October 26, 2009

Read the following advice: “A relationship usually means you’re exclusive to one person, giving your heart and soul to your mate, at least within reason. We’re supposed to feel strongly about that person — and that person only. “But does the world stop turning because you’re hitched? I don’t believe so. The “Pretty Women” production […]

Proverbs 5-7 – Sex Education

| September 26, 2009

Should I apologize for Biblical subject matter?  Not if I believe God’s hand revealed it!  And the following topic is very real.  So here goes….  Recently I saw a billboard which read, “Talk to your children about sex – everyone else does.”  Shocking?  Sobering?  God wants us parents to prepare our children both positively and […]