Biblical truth standing on its spiritual head to get our eternal attention.

Perryism Poem – Phew in a Pew

| November 4, 2014

PU, alternately it’s spelled. “Phew!” exclaimed means stink, stench, and smell. Not for few, its fatigue, relief; Felt at last when sermon not brief. P H sounds like the F in “few;” Phew smelled by many in a pew. So preach well and preach to each heart; B4 their “seats” want to depart.

Poem – Through Friends Who Disagree

| May 19, 2014

Uncomfortably, oft through friends who disagree, Hubris, foolishness we begin to see, Divine fault? God’s cross says it’s in them or me.   So I strain fellowship with those who think me ill. Unkindness prevails, their courtesy nil. Friends despite them, not to spite them; Agape’s will.   Mutuality forsaken, they bid me “go.” Deprived […]

Poem – Creation Worships at Dawn

| March 24, 2014

Creation worships at dawn, God’s birds by design burst into song. Creation knows not our book, Our honored tradition they forsook. Worship for God’s other flock? Scriptural time, eleven o’clock.

Poem – Born to Die, Then Rise, From Death’s Tomb

| December 21, 2013

“I AM,” born to die, then rise, from death’s tomb. To Bethlehem, in Mary’s virgin womb. Birthed in stable, in home and hearts, no room. Angels shout, “Peace on Earth,” voices abloom. “Glory to God;” divine night knows no gloom. Shepherds, sheep they leave, later to resume. Gold, frankincense, myrrh, birth’s and death’s perfume. Magi […]

Poem – Some Pray

| June 25, 2013

Some pray with their heads bowed; Some stand with outreached hands; Some pray in tears out loud; All short of God’s commands.   Others look down their holy nose; Others falsely on knees; Other’s disdain exposed; “Thank you I’m not like these.”   All less than pure, than He; All our fears, doubts allayed; All […]

Genesis 1:26-27 – Poem – To See Beyond the Human Skin

| June 7, 2013

To see beyond the human skin; Not red, yellow, black, brown or white; Is seeing God’s image within; Seeing beyond mere human sight; God’s likeness all equally share; Using God’s eyes is how we see; The divine image we do bare; Sons of man and God, we must see.

Poem – My Hair is Not Like Spring

| January 10, 2013

My hair is not like Spring; freshly sprouting. Nor like the Summer; long, full and flowing. Not even like Winter, white from snowing. It’s Autumn, changing colors and falling.

Poem – A Shaming Grace

| October 7, 2012

A shaming grace, how crude the sound; Compares a wretch like he. He once lived wild, no doubt hellbound; Grace says equal to me? T’was grace said his sin equals mine; “Through grace we’re all perceived.” Though my sin compares so benign; Equal ‘cause he believed? Through God’s sermons, the gospel dares; Call evil sinners come. ‘Tis […]


| September 28, 2012

FEW are so open to SHARE; BARE our truth, for them to VIEW. LOST to self, purpose, to GOD; FRAUD, identity is COST. FAR easier to mask, to BE; FREE no more, cloaked in hurt’s SCAR. DARE to be a sincere YOU; INTO, bruised, ridicule’s LAIR. FEAR, rejection is our NAME; BLAME, hiding me to […]

Poem – Cry Me A Prayer

| May 22, 2012

Tears fall, words fail, weeping a plea within. With silent words, my eyes pray to heaven. When the strong stand by silent and helpless. Tears feel empty to men with caring hearts. Needing to heal those hurting from sin’s darts. When the strong stand by silent and helpless. Tears are from God, our gift for […]