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Mark 1-3 – Mi Casa es God’s Casa

| October 6, 2016

After Jesus’ baptism and wilderness fight, Jesus goes to several synagogues preaching the gospel of God and casting out demons. These “houses of God” are not the only tactical settings for Jesus’ invasion into Caesar’s and Satan’s territory. Mark 1:29ff – Jesus had called Andrew and Simon and is now in their home. Apparently these […]

Mark 1-3 – “Marks” of a Sound Congregation

| October 6, 2016

People ask if a congregation is “sound.” Maybe learning about “sound” synagogues might help. In Mark 1:21 Jesus went to the synagogue and started teaching. The congregants were amazed because He taught as one having authority (1:22). A demon-possessed man interrupted their service and Jesus threw out the demon in the man (1:27). Mark 1:39 […]

Acts 8:4 – Levels of Acceptance

| June 30, 2016

Levels of Acceptance – Years ago I read a study on the three levels of accepting truth: Intellectual, Personal, Universal. When a sinner studies baptism and accepts the truth, the first stage is intellectual. Unfortunately we all have seen sinners stop there. They know baptism is when we accept God’s grace, but they will not […]

Acts 1:8 – Geographic and Spiritual Advancement

| January 16, 2016

The gospel progresses in Acts in succession to Jews (Hebraic, Hellenistic, Proselytes), Samaritans, and finally to Gentiles (Acts 1:8). This is more than just geographic advances; this shows an advance spiritually with whom they were willing to fellowship in Christ – those far off (Acts 2:39-40). From the comfortable and religiously righteous (Hebraic Jews); to […]

1 Corinthians 9:19-23 – Church Growth

| November 3, 2011

I just finished reading an article on church growth. Nothing unscriptural in this particular article although it focuses on generic themes. However, the first paragraph hooked me – as is fitting in good writing. What hooked me is not the last sentence showing success. So I will include only the first two sentences. “I started […]

Luke 19:11-27 – Yes We’re Open

| October 12, 2009

 “Sorry, We’re Closed;” “Sale;”  “New Store Hours” – these are commonly placed signs in windows of businesses. Some signs express hope, “Under New Management.”  Others, the demise of hope – “Going Out of Business.”  As an aside, I heard of one store whose going out of business sale was so successful he decided to have […]

Mark 16:15 – 100 People

| October 3, 2009

   Let’s take a walk down the path of the past and then make a spiritual application.  But before discussing the meaning of this article’s title—One Hundred People— let me ask you a question—How many people do you know?    O.K., hold that thought for a while.    The title—One Hundred People—doesn’t refer to the […]