Biblical truth standing on its spiritual head to get our eternal attention.

John 12:13,15

John quotes in 12:13,15 messianic prophecies which both the crowd and Jesus quote. Then John records, “His discIples did not understand these things at first” (John 12:16).
I am constantly amazed at what the apostles did not know considering they had attended synagogue all their lives (yes that is an assumption based on their willingness to follow Jesus and Jewish practice). This brings me to two points: 1) it is good and right to be certain of what we know; 2) it is wrong and bad to be certain of what we do not know.
Constantly Jewish leaders and others who were schooled in messianic prophecies did not understand what they did not know. Too often they let one truth override another truth such as the Messiah was to be from Bethlehem not Galilee (John 7:41-42,52).
So remember these necessary rules: 1) do not let one scripture cause you to ignore other scripture; 2) while it is good to be certain of what you know; do not be certain of what you do not know. Together this means God can and had and will do things that are beyond our understanding – even on Judgment Day. Hopefully it can be said of us when we are glorified, as it was said of the disciples in John 12:16, “However, when Jesus was glorified, then they remembered”.

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