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What Kind of God Is Needed For Messianic Prophecies?

| January 6, 2017

What makes the fulfilled Messianic prophecies greater than even the power seen in creation? What makes God able to promise a Messiah to save us? In studying Messianic prophecies, it is essential to understand the qualities of God that permit such divine intervention into human affairs. There are at least three types of characteristics which […]

Mark 7:2-4 – Why Scholars Can Be Needed

| October 19, 2015

One reason Biblical research is needed, and scholars and historians are important, is to fill in the blanks. Not blanks of truth, but blanks caused by our being removed 2000 years another culture. Just as 2 millennium ago the common title Super Bowl might mean a big or important round dish; today we need these […]

Quote – “In formal logic, a contradiction is the signal of defeat, but in the evolution of real knowledge it marks the first step in progress toward a victory” – Alfred North Whitehead

| October 12, 2012

I find this quote both instructive and foreboding. Instructive in that allowing the possibility that we are wrong, allowing ourselves to see contradictions is the first step in seeing truth. This requires honesty. Foreboding in that human intelligence and wisdom can only progress so far. This requires humility. Whitehead is the father of “Process Theology” […]

Matthew 1:23 – The Incarnation and Ethics

| April 22, 2011

How do we decide right and wrong? There are precepts and principles, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand laws. I would like to suggest to you an image, a picture, but one set in time and reality, that can be used to help us see the meaning of ethics and morality – the […]

Numbers 2:2 – Transcendence and Immanence

| April 6, 2011

The Bible is filled with paradoxes such as God is both transcendent and yet immanent, both far away and yet close. The Tabernacle suggested that with its court, holy place and most holy place. Another way was the Tabernacle’ location. The tribes were “to camp around the tent of meeting at a distance from it” (Num.2.2). God […]

Deuteronomy 8:2,16 – The Problem of Evil

| July 13, 2010

The proverbial problem of evil is that evil is not always the problem.  Sometimes the problem is not even a problem, but is rather the solution. Sometimes the problem is not evil, but rather is godly in origin and purpose (Deut.8:2,16). Deuteronomy 8:2,16 NASB  (2)  “You shall remember all the way which the LORD your […]

John 3 – Theism, Atheism, and Philosophy

| June 9, 2010

The human soul yearns for freedom from its pain. Existentialists open their minds to the possibility of meaningless as the answer, allowing themselves to live with the pain as pain is the only true reality. For all of us, whether philosophically inclinded or simply searchers, the balm and relief comes down to two choices.  Believers find this […]

John 11:35 – The Problem of Pain for God

| April 18, 2010

One of the wondrous revelations within John 11 is that the problem of pain is not just a problem for mankind. It is a problem for God. Does that strange at best, or at worst, blasphemous? If so we are missing the reality behind the relationships which are filled with pain not just for the […]

Galatians 5:20 – Idols of the Mind

| February 6, 2010

IDOLS OF THE MIND (Francis Bacon – Novum Organum) (The Stone Campbell Movement, p.28) A.        Those fallacies from tradition and faulty think that blind people to facts. B.        Idols of the Tribe – stem from the sluggish mind that is satisfied and too lazy to think, and accepts only those things that support its superstitions […]

Hebrews 5:8 – He Learned Obedience

| October 15, 2009

Question – In understanding omniscience, an interesting question is, “is some knowledge only obtained empirically?”  Is it possible the Father “cannot sympathize with our weaknesses” (Hebrews 4:15)?  Is it possible that Jesus can only because he experienced humanity and was “tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin” (Hebrews 4:15).  Apparently there is […]