Biblical truth standing on its spiritual head to get our eternal attention.


| January 26, 2017

From a church family – “During bible study today, we came across this verse, Luke 20:32, “Finally, the woman died too.” Shaila immediately announced that she wants that verse on her tombstone.”

If Abbot and Costello asked Noah about his sons’ names:

| May 25, 2016

If Abbot and Costello asked Noah about his sons’ names: A&C – What’s the name of your first son? Noah – Name. A&C – Yes, name? Noah – Yes, Name. A&C – What’s his name! Noah – Name. A&C – If you’re not going to tell us, what’s the name of your second son? Noah […]

Humor: Why I Hate the 2015 Starbucks Christmas Cup

| November 11, 2015

Reasons I Hate the 2015 Starbucks Christmas Cup: 1) It came out and its not even Thanksgiving yet; 2) Someone got paid big bucks for plagiarizing a red Solo cup, and I wasn’t that someone; 3) It looks just like my Christmas stocking so now I doubt the sincerity of my stocking; 4) Everyone knows […]

1 Samuel 17:4 – Was Goliath Really 10 feet Tall?

| October 24, 2015

Skeptics doubt the existence of Goliath as told in the Bible – 10 foot tall. The explanation of how he could have really existed is rather simple. Goliath lived around 1000 B.C. Coffee wasn’t discovered until the 10th century A.D. Some say coffee stunts your growth. Now we know how their could be giants in […]


| October 19, 2015

Change is inevitable and unavoidable. Too much change can make you feel unbalanced. Some change is small, and sometimes hardly worth the trouble. And yet it keeps coming. Too much change is annoying which is why I recommend dumping the loose change into your wife’s purse. What? You thought this was a philosophical post?

Exodus 20:12 – Your Mother Is So Fat….

| September 23, 2015

As an example that we don’t always want a literal translation consider that the Hebrew word for honor means, “to regard as heavy.” Literally then, “Regard your mother and father as heavy.” Such a translation is weighted with problems.

Perryism Poem – Phew in a Pew

| November 4, 2014

PU, alternately it’s spelled. “Phew!” exclaimed means stink, stench, and smell. Not for few, its fatigue, relief; Felt at last when sermon not brief. P H sounds like the F in “few;” Phew smelled by many in a pew. So preach well and preach to each heart; B4 their “seats” want to depart.

Humor – About An Argument With A Woman

| September 19, 2014

Its about what its about, or its about what its not about but was about, or its about to be about another about, or its not about what its about and you are about to find out what its really about, or she tells you if you don’t know what its about then its about […]

Twisted Truths

| September 12, 2014

Twisted Truths – 1) Eve was a pain the side to Adam (Gen.2:21); 2) When it came time to help the Israelite spies, Rahab let them down (Josh.2:15) 3) Jael gave Sisera a headache (Judg.4:21); 4) Delilah made Samson lose his hair (Judg.16:19); 5) John the Baptist lost his head over a woman (Mt.14:8).

Humor – To the Tune of Let the Lower Lights Be Burning

| September 2, 2014

1. Roasting beans, our morning’s coffee, Percolating every morn. But for us, it keeps us waking, Just as long as we can pour.   Refrain Let the coffee beans keep roasting! Send a cup across my way! Some poor fainting, slumbering Christian, You may rescue, sleep may stave.   2. Dark my eyes of morn […]