Biblical truth standing on its spiritual head to get our eternal attention.

Psalm 25:3 – Waiting

| January 26, 2017

Psalms 25:3 (CSB) No one who waits for You will be disgraced; those who act treacherously without cause will be disgraced – If we see two groups of people, we see correctly. However, if we only see that the first group will not be disgraced…then we are missing an important reality that many ignore. Some […]

Psalms – A Broken Hallelujah

| December 7, 2016

A Broken Hallelujah (The Psalms) – My faith has moods. Leonard Cohen recently died and so his song Hallelujah has been on the minds of many. A Catholic Priest asked a woman to sing it at his church, but she didn’t think the lyrics were a proper fit. I can sympathize. So she wrote other […]

Psalm 14:1 – Does God Exist?

| April 6, 2016

That human beings can wonder if there is a God or gods is an argument all by itself that the answer is yes. Atheism teaches all of existence is and only is materialism. Therefore all thought is a function of the material brain’s chemical reactions. Free will itself cannot exist because it is not a […]

Psalm 6 – Praying through the Bible #170 – A Prayer of Pain Before Praise

| December 23, 2015

Before a psalm is taken apart and analyzed, each needs to be experienced, even felt, as our emotions overflow and overtake our minds. We need to allow the Psalms to take apart our lives as it takes part in our lives. To experience Psalm 6 we have to experience the pain and the praise. To […]

Psalm 5 – Praying through the Bible #169 – A Morning Prayer of Changing Emotions

| December 22, 2015

My morning prayer: “Dear Lord, thank you for two layers of covers (it is winter), a bathroom close to my bed (I am getting old), and a hand to hold while I sleep” (I am still very much in love). You might be thinking this prayer’s contents are first mundane, then TMI, and finally sweet. […]

Psalm 4 – Praying through the Bible #168 – A Prayer for Freedom from Self

| December 10, 2015

We all care what others think of us. Some admit it. Some are controlled by it. Others react against it. We can pretend we don’t care; but other’s words and opinions often hurt. The cloaked emotional crisis is what others think can lead beyond thoughts and words; dangerous actions can result, sometimes by “me.” Psalm […]

Psalm 3 – Praying through the Bible #167 – A Prayer of Help, Honor, and Hope

| December 8, 2015

The best French fries are at Ollie’s Trolley. I got to eat these growing up when my father would take me to his workplace. One Saturday he did not take me, so I gathered my friends, and we stormed his office. My father’s friends looked out the window. Seeing us on the march they warned […]

Psalm 11:4 – Eyes

| September 23, 2015

All of our lives are videos replayed to us through the observations of others. Sometimes we are embarrassed by what we see. Sometimes we are embarrassed by what we are. We can close our eyes to the world; but we can’t close the eyes of the world. Neither can we close our eyes of ourselves […]

Exodus 14 – A Newer Creation

| May 27, 2014

Israel is leaving bondage, but is not yet free. The enemy is pursuing. Israel leaves Egypt following a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire for night. Then this pillar divides Israel from Egypt as the Egyptians pursue. The cloud is moved from leading the Israelites to behind them, between the Egyptians […]

Psalm 139:23 – Why Pray “Search me oh, God?”

| May 16, 2014

The reason we need to pray “search me oh God” (Ps.139:23) is the same reason why we can’t find things – we stop looking before we find them.