Biblical truth standing on its spiritual head to get our eternal attention.

Praying through the Bible #122 – 2 Kings 20:1-10 – A Prayer for Recovery from Personal Illness

| March 27, 2014

Everyone knows someone with cancer. Hearing the word “cancer” makes us fear the worst. Survival rates vary from the almost hopeless (pancreatic, 6%) to the almost guaranteed (prostate, 99%). Very possibly, many died undiagnosed in darker times, simply wasting away. Modern medicine is making amazing progress. Cancer no longer is an automatic death sentence. Hezekiah […]

2 Kings 19:20-34 – Praying through the Bible #121 – A Prayer that Humbles

| March 19, 2014

Prayer is humbling. If it isn’t, we aren’t doing it right. After giving up on his own false solutions and defenses, Hezekiah turns to God in prayer. First, he asks Isaiah to pray (2 Kings 19.1-4). Isaiah responds with God’s answer of salvation (19.5-6). Then Hezekiah kneels before God Himself and prays (19.14-19). God’s answer […]

2 Kings 19:15-19 – Praying through the Bible #120 – A Prayer of Desperation

| March 13, 2014

Augustine advised, “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.” A Chimney Corner Scripture advises, “God helps those who help themselves.” After good and bad works, after praising God, plundering the temple, paying off Sennacherib, seeking an alliance with Egypt, rebuilding the wall, building a water tunnel, asking Isaiah […]

2 Kings 19:1-7 – Praying through the Bible – Feeling Inadequate to Pray

| March 6, 2014

Pinocchio is a beloved story, at least Disney’s version. I doubt many are familiar with the original; Pinocchio kills the nagging cricket with a hammer. Why do we love Disney’s version? It’s a tale of redemption. It is a whale of a tale. Wood I lie to you! Like that fictional morality tale, Jerusalem’s Deliverance […]

2 Kings 18-19 – The Gospel in the Siege of Jerusalem

| February 10, 2014

The Gospel Story is told in so many Biblical stories that we should look for the gospel throughout the Bible. For example, The Assyrians surrounding Jerusalem during the reign of Hezekiah, and the Cross of Jesus Christ: • As the Assyrians surrounded God’s chosen people, the Jewish leaders will surround God’s Chosen One on the […]

2 Kings 19:34 – Why God Says Yes to Our Prayers?

| February 10, 2014

In the answer God gives Hezekiah concerning the threat of Assyria, we see the power is not in Hezekiah’s righteousness: 2 Kings 19:34 I will defend this city and rescue it for My sake and for the sake of My servant David.” Considering David as a type of Christ, maybe we should consider any affirmative […]

2 Kings 8:7-15 – Praying through the Bible #118 – A Prayer that is like Bible Study

| January 28, 2014

Ben-hadad, a pagan, is king of Aram, the enemy of Israel. He gets sick and is told, “The man of God has come here” (2 Kings 8.7). King Ben-hadad tells his servant, Hazael, to “Inquire of the LORD through” Elisha by asking him “Will I recover from this sickness?” (8.8). He also sends a massive […]

2 Kings 6:8-23 – Praying through the Bible #117 – A Prayer for Open Eyes

| January 23, 2014

Have you have heard the story of missionaries being saved by an angelic band? It takes various forms but they all have similarities: The murderous, native wretches are scared away by a visible – to them only – guard of armed angelic soldiers; while Christians are praying. One story has 26 protectors, another says hundreds. […]

2 Kings 4:8-37 – Praying through the Bible #116 – A Prayer for Resurrection Again

| January 14, 2014

The Bible is filled with unnamed heroes. This nameless woman’s story sounds familiar, but that is how the Bible is inspired. God keeps telling the same stories with different characters. One reason is to show He is the God who controls history, including the written account leading up to Jesus. The comparison of Elisha to […]

2 Kings 1 – Praying Through the Bible #115 – A Prayer Not Prayed to God

| January 7, 2014

God hears our prayers even when we are not praying to Him, even when they are not said to Him. That sounds strange, because who else would we pray to? The Northern Kings are all idolatrous, some worshipping Yahweh through idols; others worshipping strange gods through idols. Ahaziah is the son of the worst, Ahab […]