Biblical truth standing on its spiritual head to get our eternal attention.

2 Chronicles 34 – Praying through the Bible #142 – A Prayer Acted Out

| October 13, 2014

OK, it bothers me. It’s not there and should be. Have you ever felt that way about a Bible story; that something essential is missing? It is recorded about lesser kings; even mostly evil ones. It is recorded about equally great kings; even emphasized. So why is it missing in Josiah’s story? Maybe it isn’t. […]

2 Chronicles 33:1-17 – Praying through the Bible #141 –

| October 9, 2014

Evil. “He did what was evil in the LORD’s sight” (2 Chronicles 33.2). No other word better describes Manasseh; but there are plenty of unworthy contenders. Disappointing. Following one of Judah’s greatest kings, Manasseh reversed his father’s restoration. “He rebuilt the high places his father Hezekiah had torn down” (33.3). Unfaithful. He imitated “the detestable […]

2 Chronicles 32:24-26 – Praying through the Bible #140 – A Prayer Responding to Not Responding

| October 3, 2014

So you think you are something, a big shot, someone special? Now, you would never vocalize that out loud, you’re too “humble;” and never even think you think that…at least not consciously. Nonetheless, facts are facts. Pride can manifest itself in many ways: blowhard boasting, walking with an arrogant air, or looking down with disdain […]

2 Chronicles 32:1-23 – Praying through the Bible #139 – A Prayer More Powerful than Preparations

| October 2, 2014

“After these faithful deeds, Sennacherib king of Assyria came and entered Judah. He laid siege to the fortified cities and intended to break into them” (2 Chronicles 32.1-2). The Assyrians were a war-machine to be feared. Sennacherib describes his trap: “As for Hezekiah, the Judean who did not submit to my yoke, I surrounded and […]

2 Chronicles 30 – Praying through the Bible #138 – A Prayer of Atonement

| September 30, 2014

Unity is a joy; worship a privilege. Ending religious division takes work, often ending in partial success. Restoring right ways takes work, of the hands and heart; often the heart heals faster than the hands can work. Becoming king, Hezekiah sends couriers north, inviting apostates passed over in the Assyrian deportation. Despite their spiritually rebellious […]

Matthew 21:12-13 – Why Did Jesus Cleanse the Temple?

| July 25, 2014

When Jesus cleansed the temple, what was He doing? Obviously, He was removing the inward spiritual filth that contradicted the outward appearance of God’s glory (Jer.7). Hypocrisy is such a sin. But notice Jesus does this after riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. That act fulfilled the prophecy of Israel’s coming king (Zech.9:9); an event […]

2 Chronicles 20:1-30 – Praying through the Bible #137 – A Prayer of History Overcoming Fear

| July 23, 2014

Three kings in a row, three generations, three battles, and three prayers. If this pattern had held true for every king, in every situation, then Judah would not have been exiled into a foreign abyss. Abijah, Asa, and now Jehoshaphat all rely upon God during times of national distress. A later king, Hezekiah, will do […]

2 Chronicles 19:11 – The Lord Is With Those Who Do

| July 18, 2014

I am curious, does anyone think people in the OT, when commanded to obey, offer sacrifices, celebrate holy days and festivals, does anyone really think they were saved by works unlike us today? “Be strong; may the Lord be with those who do good” (2 Chron.19:11). If you do, then you really don’t understand Romans. […]

2 Chronicles 14-16 – Praying through the Bible – A Prayer Prayed, A Lesson Unlearned

| July 18, 2014

If you could have any super-power, what would you choose? Let me suggest an unusual one; that once a lesson is learned, you never forget it. Gone would be the days of parents asking, “How many times have I told you?!” The answer would be “Only once!” More importantly, we would never forget God’s lessons. […]

2 Chronicles 13 – Praying through the Bible – A Prayer When Outnumbered and Surrounded

| July 15, 2014

Good-hearted people sometimes suggest after a sermon, “The next time you preach that, you need to include….” Sometimes I do; sometimes I had already excluded it due to time restriction – could you really sit through a sermon that included everything the Bible says on every topic? There is, however, another reason not to include […]