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Habakkuk – The Destruction of Congregations?

| September 14, 2016

Something to consider: God used less holy nations (according to Habakkuk) such as Assyria and Babylon to destroy God’s people who were less than holy. Today does God use less holy individuals to destroy less than holy congregations?

Habakkuk – Chiasm

| August 6, 2015

A – Habakkuk’s First Complaint About God’s Justice (1:2-4) – Waiting In Doubt B – Yahweh’s First Response (1:5-11) – Babylon’s Army C – Habakkuk’s Second Complaint About God’s Justice (1:12-2:1) – Babylon’s Wickedness D – Yahweh’s Second Response (2:2-5) – The Righteous Live by Faith C’ – Five Woes (2:6-20) – Babylon’s Wickedness B’ […]

Perryism – The book of Zephaniah is “habakkuk” the book of Habakkuk.

| November 10, 2012

Genesis 3 – Doubt

| September 5, 2010

Few emotions are more powerful than doubt. The power produced can be productive, paralyzing, or destructive. It is an emotion that can lead to a better understanding of God and His word; or disillusionment with what we think we know about God can make us fall down and fall away. Doubt can either build or […]

Habakkuk – An Introduction

| September 17, 2009

                                                         HABAKKUK – “Embrace”                                                              Habakkuk, the Man Although Habakkuk, by inspiration, is known as “The Prophet” (1:1 -among the 12, only Haggai, Zechariah also begin by naming themselves as prophets), he equally could be called, “The Philosopher,” “The Poet,” and “The Psalmist.”  This unique prophet also has been called “the freethinker among the prophets,” […]

Habakkuk – A Transformation by Faith

| September 17, 2009

The book of Habakkuk is as much about the destruction of Judah as it is about the transformation of Habakkuk himself. 1:1-4 – Habakkuk impatiently waits on God to punish the nation, questioning God’s justice. 1:12-17 – Habakkuk accepts God’s answer, although he does not understand it. 2:1 – Habakkuk waits patiently for God’s answer. […]