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Genesis 37-50 – How To Be Successful

| May 11, 2014

Both Joseph and Daniel teach us how to become successful. While we might want to point out their tenacity, don’t give up drive, intelligence, and unwillingness to take no for an answer, that is not how they succeeded. Here you go; make sure you right this down: First, become a slave of a foreign nation. […]

Daniel 6 – Who Am I? (Finding Jesus)

| August 19, 2012

Was to receive a kingdom My enemies tried to trap me I was innocent of all charges Enemies tried to accuse me of breaking God’s law Enemies appealed to the governmental authority Enemies claimed loyalty to the governmental authority Enemies colluded together I prayed before arrested My prayer involved the number three Another attempted my […]

Daniel 7-12 – The Real Purpose of Fake Prophecy?

| August 10, 2012

There is a recurring theme among liberal OT scholars. The Biblical books and authors are not authentic in time or authorship, but written in more “modern” times to help that later generation deal with their situations by re-inventing a past narrative. Daniel didn’t prophesy apocalyptic visions in chapters 7-12, but they were written in his […]

Daniel – Two Part Division

| August 10, 2012

Daniel is easily divided into two sections: 1) Narrative – Present (1-6); 2) Prophetic – Future (7-12). The applicable lesson for us is that the same God who is today will be tomorrow. The same God that saves now can save in the later. The same God in charge of history today is in charge […]

Daniel 1-6 – Two Types of Narratives

| August 10, 2012

Two types of Narratives in Daniel (Brueggemann, An Introduction to the Old Testament, p.352): Interpretation Story: The king has a vision or dream. The wise men of his court cannot interpret its meaning. The hero emerges and gives the interpretation. The hero is awarded. The king learns that ht hero’s God is all-powerful. Deliverance Story […]