Biblical truth standing on its spiritual head to get our eternal attention.

Titus 2:4 – Loving Your Husband

| May 27, 2017

Strumming my fingers incoherently while driving, and all of a sudden my brain makes an unconscious connection and I start to sing “Green acres is the place to be. Farm living is the life for me.” “For me” is the husband. Think about those last two words – “for me”. When you watch the opening […]

Titus 2:10 – Marketing the Gospel

| July 26, 2015

Marketing makes sense. Beautiful hair when selling hair products; not someone bald or ratty. Healthy people when selling vitamins; not someone decrepit and pale. Strong bodies when selling athletic equipment; not someone who really needs it. All this is simple which is why true Christianity will always fail at marketing. While our lives are to […]

1 Timothy 3; Titus 1 – Checking off the list vs. Checking our understanding of the list

| May 9, 2014

The qualifications of elders is often controversial because we approach it as a cold list instead of as a life lived and learned. Let me demonstrate the difference. Must all of the elder’s children be faithful? That seems to be one of the eternal questions. First, ask yourself what is the purpose of the qualification. […]

Titus 2:10 – Adorning the Gospel

| November 29, 2012

To “adorn” means to “put in proper order”  and then “to decorate.” “Adorning the gospel” (Ti 2.10) contextually appears to mean that we individuals teach (2.1,11,15) and live (2.2-10,11,14) in a way that makes the gospel appealing which means we teach and live the gospel showing it has life-altering meaning while waiting for a life-altering […]

Acts 2:40 – Ironic Salvation

| August 19, 2012

Do you know who believes in salvation by works more than anyone else? You might be surprised. Within Christianity there has been a perpetual discussion and disagreement on the place of works and obedience. Protestants condemn Catholics for their “Hail Marys” and Evangelicals are split between those affirming and decrying “Lordship Salvation.” But I have […]

John 1:14 – The Gospel Story

| May 18, 2010

The Gospel is not just words, parables, philosophies, or platitudes; although the gospel is told in all those forms. The gospel is flesh (John 1:14; Titus 2:11-14), lived in the flesh, suffered and triumphed in the flesh; the purpose to be ultimately imitated by us in our flesh. That is the real transforming power of […]

Titus 1:1-3 – God Promised

| February 15, 2010

A promise is such a simple thing; and yet as simple as it is, a promise is complex, powerful and profound.  In fact, many a life is changed by making a promise or a vow.  Involved in making, keeping, and believing in promises are a vast number of essential components. Time – When was the […]

1 Timothy 3:1-7 – Selecting Elders

| October 12, 2009

We began the process of selecting elders with constant congregational prayer.  Then, we proceeded with an intense study of scriptures.  Thirdly we examined ourselves and the men of the congregation.  Hopefully we spent more time examining ourselves than others.  Finally the last couple of weeks, we have begun finishing what we started last year by […]

Philippians 4:15 – Relationship of the Preacher to the Elders and Church

| October 12, 2009

   After discussing this topic with another preacher, he wrote to me—“You have stated some things that I have never heard before from a preacher for the Lord’s church.”     Wow!  That’s sad!  Why?  Hopefully my conclusions are Biblically derived, and are not erroneously inferred from modern-day settings.  What I considered scriptural, he had never […]

1 Corinthians – Church Growth Problems

| October 9, 2009

We need to stop growing as a congregation.  Growing is too dangerous. Too many problems brought on by too many people, too many different people.  Growth destroys the status quo, forces us to confront our comfort zones, brings in new and different people with new and different problems, enlarges the gaps between the mature and […]