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1 Peter 1:14,18 – An Ignorant and Empty Life

| September 13, 2017

An Ignorant and Empty Life: “Do not be conformed to the desires of your former ignorance…for you know that you were redeemed from your empty way of life” (1 Peter 1:14,18). Peter’s writings are not considered as scholarly as Paul’s, much like Jeremiah is not as compared to Isaiah. Maybe that says something about me […]

1 Peter 3:1-7 – A Glass of Water

| December 7, 2016

Every night the wife places a glass of water on her husband’s nightstand. Every night he never drinks it. But he told his wife every night to do this. Sadly this reminds me of how some treat God. They want Him near just in case they need Him. And yet somehow they never feel the […]

1 Peter 3:21 – Is Baptism A Public Declaration?

| August 8, 2015

If baptism is just a public demonstration of faith, just an outward sign of an inward grace, then why was the Ethiopian eunuch baptized in a deserted area with no other believers than Philip? Why not go back to Jerusalem to be public before 5000 plus disciples? Why was the Philippian jailer baptized in the […]

1 Peter and Jesus #8 – 1 Peter 5:5

| May 6, 2015

Clothed yourself with humility (1 Peter 5:5). The specific word, egkomboomai (clothed) means to tie around oneself like an apron. It is only used once in the NT. That means it was never used by Jesus. And yet the idea of clothing ourselves with humility is an echo back to an event in which Peter […]

1 Peter and Jesus – Jesus As A Shepherd (2:25; 5:4)

| May 6, 2015

1 Peter and Jesus #7 One of Jesus’ favorite analogies for Himself is that He was a shepherd (poimēn). Each gospel, except Luke’s account, has at least two uses of that description of Jesus, with John having the most with six (10:2,11-16). Jesus even calls Himself the Good Shepherd using the well known “I am” […]

1 Peter 3:1-16 – Chiasm

| March 5, 2015

1 Peter 3:1-16 (HCSB) A –  (1) In the same way, wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands so that, even if some disobey the Christian message, they may be won over without a message by the way their wives live (2) when they observe your pure, reverent lives. B – (3) Your beauty should […]

1 Peter 3:9; Romans 12:17 – Peter, Paul, and not Mary – Not Paying Back Evil for Evil

| February 24, 2015

Paul says, “Do not repay anyone for evil” (Rom.12:17). Peter says, “not paying back evil for evil” (1 Peter 3:9). Peter goes on to say, “or insult for insult but, on the contrary, giving a blessing, since you were called for this, so that you can inherit a blessing.” When people call us names, insult, […]

1 Peter 2 – 1 Peter and Jesus – Of Strangers and Sons

| February 19, 2015

1 Peter and Jesus #6 It is easy to take the words of Peter, “As God’s slaves, live as free people, but don’t use your freedom as a way to conceal evil” (2:16) in the same way that Paul used similar words and ideas: “New Testament writers, and Paul particularly, gave much emphasis to the […]

1 Peter 2 – 1 Peter and Jesus – Of Rocks and Stones

| February 18, 2015

1 Peter and Jesus #5 Jesus’ words can be misconstrued, and were even in the first century. Some misunderstood Jesus to say of John that he would never die (John 21:23). Considering how later Catholics misunderstood Jesus to say that Peter was the foundation or rock upon which the church would be built, it is […]

1 Peter and Acts – Is “Obedience to the truth” (1:22) Baptism?

| January 28, 2015

Some believe “obedience to the truth” (1 Peter 1:22) refers to baptism. Although the word “baptism” is not mentioned in 1:22, why might such be true? One reason is the connections between this passage and 1 Peter 3. A second reason is it is also believed most of 1 Peter is a baptismal sermon. And […]