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Matthew 1:18-24 – Joseph: The Other Father of Jesus

| December 5, 2017

One of my favorite parts of the story of Jesus’s birth is very personal. It is about a parent who adopted a child who was not biologically theirs. May the world know more “Joseph’s” – the other father of Jesus.

1 Peter 1:14,18 – An Ignorant and Empty Life

| September 13, 2017

An Ignorant and Empty Life: “Do not be conformed to the desires of your former ignorance…for you know that you were redeemed from your empty way of life” (1 Peter 1:14,18). Peter’s writings are not considered as scholarly as Paul’s, much like Jeremiah is not as compared to Isaiah. Maybe that says something about me […]

Hear Feel Do – Acts 2:37-38

| September 13, 2017

I saw a t-shirt with the slogan “Hear Feel Do – John 4:23-34”. Not sure that is the best verse for that slogan. Acts 2:37-38 fits perfectly though: “And when they heard this, they were pricked in their hearts and asked, what must we do? Peter said, ‘Repent and be baptized, everyone of you in […]

Judges 13-16 – Samson and Eve #1

| September 6, 2017

They say young men marry women that remind them of their mothers. For me I know that was true, except younger! The story of Samson can be told by contrasting his mother to his women. In Judges 13, while unnamed, the wife of Manoah and Samson’s mother is the main character. It is she who […]

Do You Feel Your Prayers Aren’t Reaching God?

| September 6, 2017

Question: Hello brother Perry. What do u do when u start to lose faith in prayer? When u just feel your prayers are hitting the roof and see no results. Answer: Been feeling that myself. One answer is to not put much faith in feelings. Another is to read the psalms. The feelings of God […]

Ephesians – That’s Me

| June 24, 2017

Saturday’s Special – My daily goal is to not let my work get the way of reading my Bible. As a preacher, you might think this is strange. Don’t I read the Bible in preparing to write sermons, classes, and articles, and such? Yes. But. Sigh. I have discovered, rather too late in life, that […]

Matthew 9:20-22; Mark 5:25-34; Luke 8:43-48 – The Woman Who Interrupted

| June 23, 2017

There is a woman who interrupts another story. This “interruption” is real in the sense of historically accurate; but it is also symbolic (at least to me). Sometimes interruptions are annoying, and other times life-changing. Jesus is approached by a leader in the synagogue; an important man. She is not important, at least as viewed […]

Nehemiah – Prayer

| June 9, 2017

The prayer passages with a description of each which help us understand various types and occasions for prayer: Prayer in Nehemiah Preparation Prayer – 1:4-11 Prompt Prayer 2:4 Persecution Prayer – 4:4-5 Protection Prayer – 4:9 Promise Prayer #1 – 5:13 Pastoral Prayer – 5:19 Power Prayer 6:9 Perceptive Prayer – 6:14 Praising Prayer#1 – […]

Titus 2:4 – Loving Your Husband

| May 27, 2017

Strumming my fingers incoherently while driving, and all of a sudden my brain makes an unconscious connection and I start to sing “Green acres is the place to be. Farm living is the life for me.” “For me” is the husband. Think about those last two words – “for me”. When you watch the opening […]

Criticizing Preachers

| May 27, 2017

As a preacher, reading the gospels again has been good for me and my feelings: 1) “Some of your sermons are too complicated.” So were some of Jesus’ (John 6:60). 2) “Didn’t you preach that sermon before?” Jesus repeated himself (Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:11-27). 3) “Were you talking about me?” Jesus had to do that […]