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Joshua – Why is the Book of Joshua Important?

Shows God fulfills promises (21.43-45)• Shows Joshua as Moses’ successor (1.5; 4.14): God speaks to both Moses and Joshua; Both send spies (2.1); Red Sea – Jordan River (3); Memorial: Passover – Stones (4); Connection to Egypt (5.9); Passover Again (5); Holy Ground (5.13-15); Miracle worker (10.14); Covenant maker (24.25). And the whole book shows Joshua following in the steps of Moses as military leader. This is important for Israelites when Joshua was written.• Just as Joshua succeeded Moses, Jesus succeeds Moses. Joshua and Jesus mean “savior.”• Jesus is greater than both Moses and Joshua. God speaks to Jesus. Jesus sends out His disciples (70 and the 12); Jesus has a connection to Egypt; is the Passover; and is Holy Ground Himself so that John is unworthy to until His sandals; Jesus is a great miracle work; and a covenant maker. Jesus is a great military leader against spiritual forces. This is important for Jews and Christians when the New Testament was written.• So when seeing Jesus, we see someone greater than Moses and Joshua.

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