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Titus 2:4 – Loving Your Husband

Strumming my fingers incoherently while driving, and all of a sudden my brain makes an unconscious connection and I start to sing “Green acres is the place to be. Farm living is the life for me.” “For me” is the husband. Think about those last two words – “for me”. When you watch the opening credits you see the backstory: a successful lawyer and his pampered wife holding a pampered pet dog who trade in a high rise New York apartment for a broken down farm house. That’s the setting for the comedy – including a pet pig named Arnold. What the real story is, because farm living was for the husband and not the wife, Green Acres is about a wife’s unconditional – and at times very uncomfortable – love for husband. Considering how unsuccessful the husband was at farming, the only thing green was the wife’s evergreen love for husband.

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