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Isaiah 53 and Baptism

Would you be surprised if you talked about the best restaurant, someone would ask about their food? Can you discuss the NBA without it being somehow connected to basketball? If someone preaches about Jesus, should it lead to the hearer wanting to be baptized?
That is exactly what happened when Phillip taught about Jesus beginning from Isaiah 53 (Acts 8:26ffl). But why?
1) Jesus himself was baptized (Matthew 3). 2) Jesus commanded baptism as a response to¬†the gospel (Mark 16:15-16). 3) But most intriguingly, we see Isaiah 53 itself leading to baptism. Jesus was pierced for our transgressions and suffered death (Isaiah 53:5-9). Jesus was connected to the wicked and a rich man in his death and grave (Isaiah 53:9). And yet Jesus will see his seed (Isaiah 53:10), after his anguish he will see the light (Isaiah 53:11), plus receive an inheritance (Isaiah 53:12). That means he’s alive! That’s his death, burial, and resurrection all from Isaiah 53!
What is a reenactment of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection that he both did and commanded? Baptism. That’s why preaching on Jesus, beginning from Isaiah 53, lead to the Ethiopian eunuch begging, “Look, there’s water. What prevents me from being baotized?” (Acts 8:36).
If someone had a discussion about you, would they mention baptism?

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