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Acts 2:27 – Is Jesus’ Burial Important?

Can what we believe doctrinally change what we believe is the gospel? Recently I read the gospel is defined as the “deity, death, and resurrection of Jesus.” Notice anything missing? Unlike Paul’s description of the gospel (1 Cor.15:4), this gentleman (and rightfully respected scholar) left out Jesus’ burial. Many treat it as superfluous, and I suggest why is because they do not believe baptism is both immersion and essential to salvation. So they just emphasize the Divine Jesus was crucified and resurrected. Is Jesus’ burial incidental or important? Notice what is said in the very first sermon after Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection: Acts 2:27 – “because You will not leave me in Hades or allow Your Holy One to see decay.” Jesus’ body was not only killed and resurrected, it was protected from decay in the tomb. God worked while Jesus rested. In baptism, God works on us too (Col.2:12). Of course, if you believe you are saved without obeying Jesus’ command (Mark 16:16); and if you believe baptism isn’t a burial (Rom.6:4); then you too can let what you believe doctrinally change what is the gospel.

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One Response to “Acts 2:27 – Is Jesus’ Burial Important?”

  1. Russ McCullough says:

    Thanks, Perry. By definition, a resurrection can only take place after a burial. Not only that, we could not participate in His gospel without being buried with Him. Sadly, attempts to delete the burial of Christ is just another example of the Calvinist tail wagging the Calvinist dog.